By Sarah
Duerr, Yogi and member of Hope For The Warriors staff

A few years
ago I would have guessed these were names of sushi roles, not common language
in the yoga world.  I first discovered
yoga after dealing with an over use injury while training for my 3rd
Marathon.  The words a runner never wants
to hear come out of my doctor’s mouth April 2010, “you have to take some
time off.” What?! I have a half marathon next weekend, five other races
planned before I run New York in November! I asked the dreaded question,
“Well, what am I cleared to do?” 
He replied, “Yoga or swim for the next month and we’ll see.” I
left the office feeling like a failure, defeated.

The next
morning I went to a yoga studio in my neighborhood, convinced it would never be
a workout, not like running.  I was 15
minutes into class when I was proven wrong…very wrong.  I could barely walk the next day, and I LOVED
IT! I continued to go 4 days a week and even when I was cleared to run again, I
continued to practicing yoga twice a week in place of my shorter runs.  I ran my fastest and healthiest marathon ever
that fall, and I owe it all to yoga!  Not
only do I enjoy the physical part, but the mental connection to my body and the
emotional relaxation an hour of yoga can provide.

October 1st
kicked off a new fundraiser for Hope For The Warriors®, East vs. West Coast
Yoga Challenge!  We are challenging our
supporters to improve their health through yoga, while improving the lives of
our wounded servicemen and women! That may mean increasing the number of times
you practice each week, trying different styles of yoga, meditating 5 minutes a
day, or even trying yoga for the first time. 

The pledge is
$10 and all monies raised will go directly to Hope For The Warriors® to support
wounded service members, their families and families of the fallen.

And the best
part? Wounded service members and military families will join all of us in this
challenge. Many of our own service members have learned to utilize yoga as part
of their physical and psychological recovery. Your $10 will directly support
their recovery.

Join us on
Facebook at Hope For The Warriors® Yoga Challenge and register at www.hopeforthewarriors/2013yogachallenge