Veteran with his wife, parents and service dog

Hope For The Warriors® is always quick to highlight that we do more than just assist wounded service members, we also assist their families. By including family members, we recognize the personal sacrifices that families have also made.  The family serves alongside their son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we posted a story on this blog about a wounded service member, his Mother and A Warrior’s Wish® to go on a trip with his family.  His mother, always supportive throughout the years, was now struggling with cancer.

A Warrior’s Wish® Program supports the long-term goal of hope beyond recovery through financial grants.  These Wishes fulfill a desire for a better quality of life or support a quest for life-gratifying endeavors.  Knowing that Wishes can come true directly affects service members’ spirits in addition to the families and communities that support them.  Whether realizing a dream to sail, ride a bike again, or own a home adapted to specialized needs, Hope For The Warriors® honors the goals and desires of wounded service members and their families.

We are happy to share that this family has returned from their trip.  The mother’s health continues to be a concern for this veteran.  However, by granting this Wish, he will always have this wonderful family time to reflect on in the next months and years. 

Hope For The Warriors® was proud to grant this Wish.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to this family as they continue to meet their challenges together.

Visit the A Warrior’s Wish® Program web page to learn more about the Wish program and to read other inspiring Wishes that Hope For The Warriors® has granted.