“Where are you from?”

It is a common question we ask new acquiantences and one that typically is easy to answer.  But sometimes, the answer is not so easy. 

“Everywhere and nowhere.”
And when you hear that answer, the usual response is:
“Oh, was your Dad in the military?”
Yes, the military child lives an interesting life.  They have interesting stories to share, a long list of schools and states they have lived in–and sometimes different countries too. 
Military kids learn how to make friends quickly.  They know the meaning of the term “hit the ground running.”  Move to a new base, make friends, find your activities and sports.  There is no time to waste.
Military kids quickly stand at attention during the Pledge of Allegiance, the Star-Spangled Banner and more.  They understand the importance of respect to the flag, to military members and to our leaders.
Military kids know how to say good-bye.  They know that their Dad or Mom might not be there for every single game or performance. Some moments will be missed. Military kids know how to carry forward.
Military kids learn at an early age the meaning of service and sacrifice. They are serving.
Help Us Celebrate the Month
Hope For The Warriors® depends on volunteers to ensure the success of our events and our organization.  Many of those volunteers are also the son or daughter of a member of our military.  If your military child has volunteered with our organization, taken part in a fundraiser, been a member of Team Hope For The Warriors® or has participated in multiple events such as Run For The Warriors®, we would like to hear from you.  E-mail Anne Woods with photos and share with us what your military child has done for our wounded heroes.  We will honor your child on this blog!