Join Hope For The Warriors® this Tuesday, March 3, in Lorton, VA for the Military & Veteran Caregiver Wellness Workshop. Check out the above flyer for more info on the one-day workshop and register today!

We have begun coordinating the development of new caregiver support services at Hope For The Warriors®. We feel that it is essential that we devote more attention to the caregivers because of the negative impact their caregiving role can have on their physical health and psychological well-being. We are well aware that the physical and psychological problems that military caregivers experience can greatly impact the care of the wounded warrior and the family’s overall stability.

We hope to host 15-20 military caregivers for this wellness day focusing on self-care beyond respite opportunities. We have a tremendous clinical staff at Hope For The Warriors® who can provide specialty programming in art therapy, applied theatre, yoga therapy, supportive counseling, and caregiver/peer mentorship. We are excited to bring a wellness approach to this crucial population in support of the recovering warrior and his/her family. We will be performing assessments to make sure that the workshops are effective in increasing a caregiver’s self-care activities and decreasing their feelings of social isolation. We are hoping to rollout these workshops in other regions of the United States as well.