Running in a 5K, attending an annual Dolphin Dip, riding a motorcycle…it might seem like all fun and games, but when your Mom works for a nonprofit and your Dad is a Marine, they are a lot of work too.
Our President, Robin Kelleher, has two young kids that have grown up surrounded by the Marine Corps and Hope For The Warriors®.  They have attended races and events to raise funds and awareness for our military families. They have volunteered at events–helping their Mom and our staff with whatever jobs they can do. 

Even if their destination is fun, not all of the work surrounding the event is fun.  They have sat on the sidelines, watching their Mom interact with military families, trying to wait patiently.  They understand first hand the price of service and sacrifice.  They have witnessed the impact on the families their Mom works with, they have heard the conversations at the dinner table.  They will grow up with a very healthy respect for our men and women in uniform, like most military children.

If you have a great military child that has supported Hope For The Warriors®, please let us know!  Send photos and information to Anne Woods.