Photo by Lewis Marien

Tax Day has passed and we are half way through April but it is not too late to celebrate the Month of the Military Child.  Not sure what you can do?  Here are some ideas:

Place a sign on the door or on bulletin boards, thanking Military Children for their service. 

Better yet, ask for Military Children to identify themselves and give them a small token of your appreciation.

Create a map and pinpoint all locations where the kids in your classroom have ever lived.  Ask children to share their experiences of the more remote and unusual locations.

Not in a military community? Ask a military child to talk about the benefits and challenges of having a parent that is in the military.

Promotions and Awards Ceremonies within the military are always a simple but formal affair where that service member is honored within the battalion.  Why not create a similar ceremony for your military child?  Write a formal Award Citation and make an award out of felt or paper to pin to your child.  Or create a certificate on the Blue Star Family website.

Got Heart, Give Hope Gala.  Photo by Paul Oberle

Highlight a military child from your community.  Need a good story?  E-mail our staff!  We know thousands of awesome military kids!

So many of the members of Team Hope For The Warriors® run in honor of service members.  This month, run a 5K in honor of a military child.  Wear their name on your bib and let our kids know that their service is important too!

How have you honored the military child this month?  Let us know!

Donate Today!  You can donate in tribute to your favorite military child.  We will mail a letter, letting them know!

Military Child and member of Team Hope For The Warriors