Amanda, from the Hope For The Warriors Caregiver Group and I had a canted conversation on Hope For The Warriors Talk Radio about how wonderful it feels when you spend a little time each day sprucing up your life and your home. It is important for military caregivers to be organized and clutter free. Many caregivers take care of military veterans who have been diagnosed with the signature wounds of war; Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 
Sometimes it’s hard for those with TBI and PTSD to stay organized and even harder for them to find things after they put them down someplace. Caregivers play a crucial role when it comes to keeping the home organized, clean and safe. During the radio show, we talked about reasons caregivers fall behind on housework and how easy it can be to declutter and thrive in your home. 
Brittney Biddle, from the Hope For The Warriors Facebook Caregiver Group shared a tip that she uses a Thirty-One Hang Up home organizer in her office, her children’s bedrooms and even has one hanging on her laundry room door. 
Kim is another caregiver in our group, she said she uses a dry erase board to post notes to her veteran every day before she leaves for work. Megan uses this neat chalk board calendar.
The most important tip I have for caregivers is to be well structured and organized. This will help you in every day life. I’d like to encourage everyone to listen to the Military Caregivers: Less Clutter Equals Less Stress episode on Hope For The Warriors Talk Radio. You’ll hear great tips and receive encouragement on how to get rid of clutter and some of the stress that goes along with it.