Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in the Armed Forces.  Please take time throughout the weekend to honor and remember.

Cpl. Steven R. Koch, USA
Killed In Action: March 3, 2008



At your side forever, even today

Wavering never, never to stray

Ground hallow of heroes that fall

All gave some, while some gave all

Gone but not forgotten, grief copes

Sadly the masses, ignore eternal hopes

Flags of honor wave to their sacrifice

Brave warriors, blood of watered ice
Courage, a trait to answer the fight call

Monumental respect shown on the wall

Beginning in the fires of freedom’s cause

Now a silent prayer in valued pause
Memorial Day, I know you stand firm

Ages of dedication each filling their term

Esteemed holiday, often just a vacation

Day of sorrowed heartache, of a nation
Pledging awareness everyday of the year

Not just one date, but wherever you share

That tribute to fighting for liberty’s light

Support the troops, never leaving our sight
No question where courage comes from

Honor those all, that provided the some

Always hopeful that it will never run out

Memorial Day, that’s what you’re about


Wm Koch Jr.