Meet Evanna Burgwardt

As a military spouse to a Green Beret, Evanna Burgwardt is no stranger to adapting to and overcoming adversity. This mentality has been crucial throughout her career as a nurse, and now on her journey to becoming a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). 

When Evanna first met her husband, she was unsure that being a military spouse was the path she wanted for her life. She knew this would come with challenges, time of deployment, and uncertainty. But after five years together, Evanna has taken the lessons she has learned and the skills she has developed and applied them to how she approaches any task at hand.  

“The special forces life has not been easy, but if I had not been given the privilege of living it, I am not sure I would be who I am today,” said Evanna. “I have not only developed the ability to take care of a household and provide support for my family, but I have developed a determined and strong-willed personality.”  

This determination has played a key role in pushing Evanna forward on her path towards success, even when she faced roadblocks along the way. She will now attend Central Connecticut State University, where she will pursue her Doctorate in Nurse Anesthesia Practice.

“It took me four years to be accepted into a CRNA program,” said Evanna. “With every rejection and critique, I moved forward to accomplish new certifications and prove that I have what is required for this program. I took every rejection as an opportunity to be better.”

A desire to truly help others is what motivated Evanna to keep working towards her goal.

“Going into Nurse Anesthesia, I know that I can provide high quality, personal care while providing the patient with a sense of calm before their surgery or procedure,” said Evanna. “I find that I feel the greatest joy when I believe that I have made a difference in someone’s life.” 

Hope For The Warriors was honored to award Evanna with the “Honorary Scholarship” in the Fall of 2021, a scholarship awarded to individuals seeking graduate or post-graduate degrees. HOPE recognizes that military spouses and caregivers exemplify strength and fidelity in their service as they assume critical roles in the well-being of their families. 

“This scholarship will provide me funding for tuition, clinical fees, and other necessary school supplies, and will lessen the financial burden on my husband, allowing him to focus on his career while also supporting me and my dreams,” said Evanna. “As a nurse, I have always dedicated myself and my work to helping others. By continuing my education, I can continue to care for my patients with all my heart and soul.”

Since the program’s inception, HOPE has granted over 183 Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships, and we are proud to have Evanna be a part of it. HOPE is excited to watch her succeed and support her as she starts this new chapter in her life!

“I have had hard times, as well as my husband, but just like the CRNA profession, you can’t give up when things get tough,” said Evanna. “You must keep your head on straight, remember what you have been taught, what you have trained for, and keep going until the end of the mission. If you don’t finish the mission, then you have failed. I plan on bringing this mentality into my profession and the operating room caring for my patients.”

The Spring 2024 scholarship application is open from August 1 – October 1. For more information on the Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarship Program, click here.