Team Hope For The Warriors® is excited to once again hit the streets of Washington D.C. this Sunday for the 38th Annual Marine Corps Marathon.  As in past years, we will have both wounded service members cycling and running as well as community Team members participating in this inspiring marathon.

This year is even more special because it almost didn’t happen for one of our participants. Due to his injuries, Jonathan Rose uses a recumbent bike, not a handcycle.  (In the above photo, you can see Jonathan on his recumbent bike, followed by Keith who is using a handcycle.)  Because of a change in insurance policy, Jonathan and other warriors who utilize recumbent bikes were told that they could not participate this year.  Fortunately, marathon organizers realized that as a race that honors the service and sacrifice of our military, they needed to make whatever changes were necessary to allow our wounded service members to be a part of this event.  Jonathan, a Marine who is already a two-time Marine Corps Marathon finisher, did not want to miss this event.

Of course, for a few days, everyone was worried that the entire marathon would be canceled due to the government shutdown.  Fortunately, that did not happen and on October 17, the Facebook page posted this photo:


If you are in the area, please be sure to cheer our Team members on.  Semper Fi!

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