I love this new flyer.  I love the photo and the powerful headline.  I love the red strip that immediately captures the eye.  I LOVE the little girl, clinging to this man.

Yesterday, we posted this flyer on our Facebook page and asked that people repost.  It was amazing to track. 

From the moment I gazed at this photo, a story immediately unfolded in my mind, evoking an emotional response.  However, it occurred to me that each of our stories are unique.  We each make assumptions of who the man and little girl are, their relationship, where they are, where they’ve been and why this little girl is hugging him so tightly. 

The first story that came to my mind is that this father has returned from a combat deployment and his little girl is hugging him so tightly–making up for the year he was not home. 

But really, this could be the moment the two are saying good bye, before the deployment.  Or it could be Memorial Day or Veterans Day or some other occassion that this little girl is holding a flag, honoring our military.

I made the assumption that this man is her Father, but he could easily be her Uncle or an older brother.  The hardest story for me to grasp–he could also be the best friend of her Father–a man who did not return home. 

Regardless of who they are, the headline fits.  It is time to fight for our military families, to support their needs and to restore their lives.  Restore the family unit, their goals, their dreams and their hopes.

I invite each of you to share this flyer.  You may share it electronically or print it off and post where you work, go to school, church or other places.  Invite people to support our military families and Hope For The Warriors®.