All photos by Larry Levanti

Isabelle is the daughter of Captain David J. Thompson, known as “JP” to most.  JP served with honor for more than 21 years in the Army and National Guard.  Many of his soldiers shared that he was one of the greatest men they ever served with.

Isabelle misses her father.  In January 2010, JP was killed in the Wardak province, Afghanistan.  He died with honor, serving the country he loved.

Isabelle and JP share many traits.  One is that both are dyslexic. JP struggled with this learning disability for years.  JP and his wife Emily were both focused on giving both of their daughters a solid education but they were especially concerned for Isabelle.  Her mother, Emily, found a private school with expertise in teaching dyslexic children, however, she could not afford the school and the school district would not pay the tuition.

Fortunately, Isabelle’s story was shared with members of the Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club in Farmingdale, New Jersey. Every year, Eagle Oaks kicks off Memorial Day Weekend with Honor Day, a day to honor the military for their service. The day is filled with a golf tournament, entertainment and relaxation in a beautiful club house.  The event is attended by hundreds of Marines and Sailors for the start of Fleet Week. More than 300 Eagle Oaks members, Hope For The Warriors® staff, and wounded service members also attend and funds are raised to benefit military families.

Two years ago, club members made a commitment to Isabelle’s education and to her future.  As a club, they agreed to pay for her education, ensuring academic and future success for this hard working student.  Each year, club members renew their commitment and Isabelle has another year of gains in her education.  Their commitment is a promise to a man they have never met but whose sacrifice they admire and are forever grateful for.”

“Words cannot express how grateful we are.  Education was so important to my husband, especially Isabelle’s education. He suffered from the same disability that she has and never wanted to see her suffer and struggle like he did.” —Emily Thompson

“When the members
at Eagle Oaks heard the story of Isabelle, we were truly moved.  We quickly realized that this special girl
needed our help.  To know that her father
made the ultimate sacrifice while serving our country in Afghanistan and his
life-long mission was to care for his daughter’s special learning needs, we
were sure we could provide immediate assistance.  Honor Day at Eagle Oaks is all about showing
these men and women that sacrifice so much, that we care and want to support
them in any way that we can.  When it
came to Isabelle’s needs, we were honored and humbled to help her family carry
out her dad’s mission to find the best education for his special girl. At Eagle
Oaks, we know Freedom is not free.” 
Robert Smith, member of Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club

Hope For The Warriors® thanks the members of Eagle Oaks Golf & Country Club for there commitment and ongoing support to a family member of a fallen hero.

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