In February, in a blog posting about our Immediate Needs Program, I wrote:  “…it is difficult to capture this program in a picture.  How do you show a caregiver getting help at bedside, the lights being kept on, a family staying in their home, or food on the table?”
We have completed the first quarter of 2012 and the the dollars spent within this program have been tallied.  The chart above is exactly the picture that some of us need to understand the work that is involved.

In the first three months, Hope For The Warriors® provided more than $112,000 in assistance to wounded service members, their families, and families of the fallen.  The reasons vary–whether to support a combat wounded service member at bedside or along the road to recovery, our families are making sacrifices to support their wounded service member.  The challenges continue as service members retire and transition to the civilian community and learn to navigate new services and employment.

Nothing on this chart is frivolous.  Each of the segments represent a basic need that was met for our military family during a difficult period in their life.  A roof over their heads, the lights left on or food on the table.  (The miscellaneous category includes moving expenses for three separate families.)

When a family is assisted through Immediate Needs, we recognize that the support given is a quick fix. From here, our goal is to help the family find more permanent solutions.  This could be through one of our other programs or by referring that family to other available services. 

Our Immediate Needs Program often supports our military families during their most difficult moments.  Thank you to all that support Hope For The Warriors® and allow us to provide support during those times.