There will be a winner and a loser.  Millions will watch and pounds of food will be eaten.  Yes, this Sunday is the “Big Game.”

Want to make the game both fun and meaningful?  Why not ask your party guests or fellow party goers to join you in supporting Hope For The Warriors®? 

Here is the idea:

Each time either team scores, everyone throws a dollar in a hat.  At the end of the game, donate the money to Hope For The Warriors® and help us restore hope to the real heroes.

Want to make it more interesting?  Here are some ideas to add on:

  • $1 for every official review
  • $1 for an interception
  • $5 if your team sacks the quarterback
  • $5 if an interception leads to a touchdown for your team

And don’t forget the half time show:

  • $1 for each costume change from Beyonce
  • $5 for each time the announcers mention the half time show from Janet Jackson

You get the idea….

Hope For The Warriors® thanks everyone for their continued support.  You know who the real heroes are in this country.  They are the reason we can safely enjoy these games.

Whether you are a Ravens or 49ers fan, have a great day.  Go Warriors!