Throughout the month of August, close to 200 people have joined Team Hope For The Warriors® and the Do More With Your Core Challenge.  The challenge is simple–complete 250 sit ups everyday.

The challenge is led by Steve Bartomioli of Westchester County, NY.  “Barto” is an active member of our Team and in the Go Ruck Challenge.  He considers himself fortunate to have compete in events with other members of our staff and Team.  Above is a photo of him with two other Team members after a triathlon on Long Island.

The goal of his challenge is to encourage support to Hope For The Warriors® while helping people increase their physical activity.  The challenge has been a success! In the first seven days of August, participants from 27 different states have completed more than 283,500 sit ups.

But Hope For The Warriors® is all about supporting our service members and veterans and this core challenge is no different. Participants include service members and veterans that we assist.  And within the challenge, across the country, members encourage each other through the Facebook event created.

This core challenge has also demonstrated how strong the organization’s core has become.  One of the challengers, a wounded veteran, posted one day that he was sick and could not complete his sit ups that day.  Quickly, another challenger accepted his sit ups.  That day, she completed 500 sit ups–250 of her own and 250 to support a fellow challenger. 

How strong is your core?  Our cores are getting stronger by the day!

Learn more about the Core Challenge or donate to one of the challengers.

Interested in the next challenge? Email the Team and let us know that you are interested in receiving Team news.

In the next few weeks, we will highlight core challengers.  Please come back to read about our great Team members!