Staying in tune with your mental health is not out of reach. With the right tools, it can be within a fingertip’s reach! 

We all fall into the habit of mindlessly scrolling through our phones throughout the day. Next time you find yourself going down that rabbit hole, use that time to check out some of the mental health apps listed below. Being more intentional with how you spend your down time can result in significant growth in many aspects of your life.


Benefits of Putting Your Mental Health First 

Mental health has been at the forefront of human issues in the media lately. We are diving in and examining the benefits of putting an emphasis on the care and nurturing of your personal mental, emotional, and spiritual health. By making mental health a priority in our lives, we are allowing ourselves to take control of our days and experiences in a way that we may have neglected to do so in the past. There have been several issues leading to the newfound curiosity surrounding the mental health and wellness world, and much of this is due to the stress epidemic that has spread across the nation. By making our mental health a priority, we are choosing to invest in ourselves, our time, our families, and our relationships. Some of the benefits of engaging in mental health practices are:

  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Improved moods
  • Clearer thinking
  • A greater sense of calm or inner peace
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Improvements in relationships

There are many ways to begin the journey of strengthening your mental health and emotional wellness. A few avenues to explore may include counseling, coaching, physical movement and dance, journaling, mindfulness and meditation, and peer to peer support. 

In between your wellness practices, you may find yourself asking for more! If so, you may be open to utilizing your technology to enhance your daily practices, and in turn, finding that you are more at peace with yourself and others in your life. Below, you will find some of HOPE’s most recommended mental health apps. See for yourself the difference made by creating a safe space for yourself and allowing your mental and emotional health to strengthen and grow. 


HOPE’s Recommendation for Must-Have Mental Health Apps

HOPE’s Clinical Health and Well-being staff put their heads together to share a list of mental health apps that they share with their clients! 

The Calm App 

This is a wonderful app to find so many great features including breath work, guided meditations, music, and sleep. There is a 7-day free trial for this app, but this app is subscription-based.


Ten Percent Happier 

This app provides courses on different mental health topics, provides reminders to practice mindfulness, podcasts, access to a coach and much more! There is a trial of this app, but this app is subscription-based.


Insight Timer

This FREE app is a huge library of meditations and yoga exercises. It also focuses on topics like sleep and work and incorporates some live classes. 


Tech into Care

Tech into Care is an initiative by the National Center for PTSD. This initiative is comprised of an array of apps from mental health professionals for those who are supporting veterans with PTSD and for those who live with PTSD, as well as apps related to issues associated with PTSD.



With content founded in evidence-based practices, MoodMission gives you the opportunity to log your mood and in turn will give you 5 different types of exercises to help you positively cope with how you are feeling. 



Sanvello helps you work towards a happier version of you through self-care practices, peer support, coaching, and therapy options. This app features check-ins that track your feelings and moods and allows you to schedule daily reminders to help you fit self-care or mindfulness practices into your day! Many of these features are also free with the app.


When it comes to mental health support, there is no effective “one size fits all.” That is why MoodFit is a fantastic app because it is a multifaceted tool that allows you to customize the support you are looking for based on where you are at. Many of its features are free as well!


A favorite amongst the members of our Caregiver Resource Hub, Headspace is an app that focuses on mindfulness practices with a great library of meditations (many of which can be done in 3 minutes, sleep, and stress relief. This is a subscription based app. 

Just like these apps, HOPE is also always within reach! Simply apply for services on our website to get connected to our many programs and services.