Tighten Up Your FinancesBetween the stresses of PCS moves, student loans, and unemployment, financial stress can take its toll on military families. According to the military lifestyle survey by Blue Star Families and the Institute for Veterans and Military Families, 55% of active-duty family respondents struggle with student loan debt of over $25,000, and 56% of respondents owe over $5,000 on credit cards. 

Financial support is one of the top requested services by military families when reaching out to Hope For The Warriors. At HOPE, we have social workers who are certified in financial social work and who’ve shared some great tips for military families working toward long-term financial stability. Click here to give them a read.

Also, check out these great resources from Psych Armor Institute and Military Onesource 

Debt is preventable. Debt is fixable. If your credit card statements or bank account statements are preventing you from happiness, don’t wait to restore financial HOPE for the new year. Connect to services at www.hopeforthewarriors.org 

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