Mark Daniel Brasel is second from the left

Hope For The Warriors® is partnering with the Send-A-Vet Foundation to give service members the opportunity to attend black bear hunts in Idaho free of charge. The partnership is special because all of the volunteer staff members are veterans and veterans, Rick Sutter, USMC, and Mark Daniel Brasel, USA, are the executives of the Send-A-Vet Foundation—it is truly vets helping vets.

Hope For The Warriors® met Mark, who is also a wounded service member, several years ago when he participated in Hope For The Warriors® events, he has been involved in the organization ever since. As an executive of the Send-A-Vet Foundation, Mark reached out to Hope For The Warriors® about partnering to offer veterans guided hunts. Both Mark and Rick seek to impact the lives of other veterans and give them an unforgettable hunting experience in the outdoors.
The setting for the black bear hunts in Idaho is breathtaking as the house and camp are right on a river with unbelievable views of the countryside. The Send-A-Vet Foundation provides a professional hunting experience and a laid back environment that encourages camaraderie around campfires and great 
meals. Getting a bear is seen as a bonus on this hunt and your 
chances are pretty high.
Hope For The Warriors® would like to thank Rick and Mark for choosing to give HOPE to their fellow veterans by offering them the opportunity to find peace, camaraderie, and recreation on their road to recovery through these hunts. We are excited to witness the lives that will be changed through this partnership. 

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