On Friday, March 20, Hope For The Warriors® fulfilled a Wish for one Texas service member and his family. This Retired Air Force veteran and his family picked up their pull-behind camper in Colbert, Oklahoma. Gus Cabarcas attended the Wish reception and met with this wonderful veteran and his family in person.

This veteran suffered back injuries during his Iraq deployment that now prevent him from camping comfortably. He applied to A Warrior’s Wish® as a way to bond with his family through camping. To test out the use of a camper, the A Warrior’s Wish® Selection Committee granted the family two summer camper rentals in 2014, allowing them to properly determine if a camper would be suitable for his recovery. After this trial period, Hope For The Warriors® was pleased to grant this Wish to further benefit this service member and his family’s rehabilitation.
The original quote for the camper was $27,000, but the community support of a local retailer, RV Station, brought the price down to $17,000. Hope For The Warriors® was able to purchase and provide the family’s desired make and model at a discounted price.
This Wish is the first of 11 granted by Hope For The Warriors® in 2015.
Both service members and spouses turn to Hope For the Warriors® and the A Warrior’s Wish® Program to fulfill goals of assimilating to their new lives. For these individuals and their families, once again enjoying prior lifestyles and activities is very much a part of their restoration process, and Hope For The Warriors® recognizes its importance.
We thank RV Station for helping to support this Wish. And thank you to our own Gus Cabarcas for greeting the family at the camper reception! 
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