Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts and Hope For The Warriors supporters came together for a lively virtual fundraiser on Thursday, February 15. Hosted by the Hope For The Warriors Dungeons & Dragons team, the event was a roaring success, raising over $2,000 for the organization’s impactful programs. The page is still open, and anyone can click here to donate and boost the fundraising goal! 

Kicking off at 7:30 p.m. EST, the live stream promised “a night of chaotic fun” as participants immersed themselves in an interactive gaming experience. Donors could purchase “Game Perks” for the participants leading up to the stream, including a tomato cannon, a cursed magic item, and a wild magic surge. A dedicated volunteer dungeon master led the game, offering opportunities for live donations during the event. 

The theme for the night, titled “The Wild Shapes,” invited players to embark on a thrilling adventure deep into the heart of an untamed jungle. Tasked with retrieving the legendary Heart of Lhasuaria, players navigated through rival teams, dinosaurs, and mythical beasts, facing epic battles and cryptic clues. The fate of the jungle hung in the balance as players decided whether to tame the wild magic or let chaos reign supreme.

The HOPE Dungeons & Dragons team, formed as part of Hope For The Warriors sports and recreation program, has been a source of therapeutic outlet and camaraderie for service members and veterans since early 2020. Meeting virtually twice a month, the team comprises of members nationwide, fostering connections and providing support during challenging times.

Chris, a U.S. Army veteran with eight years of service, shared his experience: “I used to play D&D in high school and college but got away from it for a while. Shortly before COVID hit in 2020, a friend told me about a group where some of his friends from the Iowa National Guard were getting started in partnership with HOPE. The time playing D&D has been something I look forward to playing each week.”

The Dungeons & Dragons initiative has rekindled veterans’ interests and allowed them to leverage the problem-solving and strategic planning skills they honed during their military service. 

What is a Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TTRPG)?

A TTRPG is a game played around a table or online in which a group of people create and play the part of characters in a story that develops as the game is played. Ex: Dungeons and Dragons 

The Dungeon Master (DM) or Game Master (GM) fulfills the role of giving the players information about the environment and non-playing characters (NPCs). The Player Characters (PCs) decide how their character would like to interact with the environment, and the dice decide how well (or how poorly) their decision plays out.

Did you know? Hope has Dungeons and Dragons cohorts led by our volunteer Dungeon Master, Elle, for our veterans. Games are played online using roll20.net and Zoom. For more information, please e-mail amonroe@hopeforthewarriors.com.