In life, it’s great to be blessed, but it’s even better to be a blessing. Today that is what Shannon Anthony is and will be for many.

In 2019, Shannon, a caregiver to her Marine veteran husband, Andrew, and mother of four, joined our HOPE family. At the time, Shannon’s family was facing many challenges while navigating her husband’s treatments. Between traveling over four hours away to appointments and trying to work and managing the kids’ schedules, the costs of daily life were accumulating exponentially. As they entered the holiday season, Shannon recognized that they needed help even having a Christmas for their children. That’s when they found HOPE in the hearts of Santa’s helpers who support HOPE’s Holiday Giving program.
In both 2019 and 2020, the Anthony’s were beneficiaries of the Holiday Giving program that provides military families in need with Christmas presents and critical care support to ensure that the family has necessities such as food and utilities.
Reflecting on her experience with HOPE, Shannon shares, “I remember being reduced to tears when I saw the magnitude of support we received from this program. Those that give through this amazing program are truly a blessing to those of us who have needed it.”

Today, the Anthony family is stable and on their way to a very prosperous future. Now that they can, Shannon decided she wanted to say “thank you” for the support they had received by paying it forward by giving one of her children’s favorite treasures, Usborne books, to fellow military families.

Now through the end of July, with the help of a dear friend and Usborne consultant, Kaylin, Shannon is hosting a book fair that will allow HOPE supporters to purchase books for families supported by holiday giving in 2021.

Kaylin, who has never been part of the warrior community, shared, “Shannon came to me with this idea, and I knew I had to make it work! In the short time that I’ve known Shannon, I have heard only some of the trials and procedures Andrew has gone through. I’ve only seen a brief picture of what it’s like to be a caregiver to a veteran. The amount of love, patience, and respect [that] people like Shannon and Andrew show to others while facing physical trials is astounding. The selflessness of spousal caregivers and military families is something I wish more people appreciated. Those who willingly serve this country and the families who stand by them deserve so much respect. An organization like HOPE is a wonderful way to give back to these amazing families.”

Why Usborne Books?

Being a military family is an all-in experience. Everything about service impacts the family. This includes the tragedies of war and times when life is left forever altered, which is the case for the Anthony family, as Andrew has endured countless surgeries and therapies for the wounds he sustained while in service. During this time, the children needed to navigate a whole new set of emotions and reality, and it was Usborne books that helped them do just that. Shannon shares, “My kids LOVE Usborne books! There is a “Be Brave” series that is absolutely wonderful for kids or anyone for that matter who is struggling. There are also “Unworry” books that have really helped my children process their emotions. Yet, Usborne goes beyond books, and the activity boxes have really helped my son with special needs. There is just such a wide range of books and themes; there is truly something for everyone.”

The Book Fair | How it works:

The Usborne “Part with a Purpose” book fair is running from NOW until August 31.
When you shop the party for great gifts for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and more, once the party reaches the $250 threshold, 50% of points from your purchase will be donated to HOPE to buy books for military families. You can also buy directly from our wish list of books focused on mindfulness and wellness and activity sets for children of all ages and/or donate to support HOPE’s Holiday Giving Initiative.

Click here to shop and give HOPE.