In December, Hope For The Warriors® helped families have a good holiday with our Holiday Giving Program. One woman in New Jersey used her store to unite the community and provide gifts, clothing and more for two military families.  She shares her story with us today:

I love Christmas.
I love everything
about it.
But mostly what I
love is the Magic of Christmas.
Of course you need an
open heart to experience the Magic of Christmas.
It also doesn’t hurt
to have a little gift shop and many customers who also believe in and love
the Magic of

This Christmas was full of magic for us and we shared that
magic with two wonderful military families. Every Christmas starts out with
hope. When we’re children of course the hope is that Santa will bring your most
desired toy. And when we are adults/parents our hope is that we will be in the
position to make some Christmas magic happen for our children.  So for the
past four years, I use the opportunity that I am afforded by having the little
gift shop to put together some loving families in need with some loving
customers. And there you have it, Christmas Magic!

It is always rewarding and fulfilling to help families that
may need a little assistance at the moment. 
I am not exaggerating when I tell you how incredible we all felt by
helping our Christmas families from Hope For The Warriors®. To say thank you
for their service is one thing but to show thanks puts it on a whole other
level! I saw extraordinary acts of kindness!!!  Of course there were the
toys from the toy lists bought, the requests for winter coats and new tennis
shoes filled and the Christmas dinner provided. 
But what was unexpected was the utility bill that was paid and a job
found!!!! It is more than safe to say that while our military friends and
families have chosen to have been “the best that they could be”, they
really brought out in us the best that we all could be. Like I said Christmas

Try it.  Throw out a brilliant idea like helping one of our heroes
and see how bright the world shines back on you.  Thank you Hope For The Warriors® for allowing us to help.
Thank you to Rosie and to all of her customers and neighbors in Seaville, New Jersey.  And thank you to everyone else who helped our military families have a wonderful holiday.  Visit to learn how military families can be assisted all year round.