Each year, Hope For The Warriors® matches donors to families in need for the holiday season.  This is separate from our other work but often times, we know families from our other programs that might need some extra help this time of year. 

This year, a store in New Jersey adopted two of our families and it has grown to be so much more than just Christmas presents.  The Maple Tree Gift Shoppe in Seaville, NJ eagerly agreed to purchase Christmas presents for two families.  Each family is led by wounded service member and each have a number of children within the family.

Rosie, the store owner, turns to the town of Seaville for assistance.  As a community, they donated the presents that were on each child’s Christmas list.  They also purchased winter coats, pajamas, shoes and more. 

Along with the presents, the town also gave some very practical assistance.  Each family is receiving $250 in gift cards to a local grocery store to help put food on the table.  One customer will also be keeping a family warm this winter.  One of our families has five children and this customer will be paying their electric bill for the entire winter.

This is of course just one of many wonderful stories.  We thank those who have donated so generously to our Holiday Giving Initiative and throughout the year.

Happy Holidays to all!

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