Hope For The Warriors’ Caregiver Support Services are available to military and veteran caregivers of post-9/11 service members or veterans that have been physically or psychologically wounded. You are considered a caregiver if you provide physical care and/or emotional support to a wounded warrior. Caregivers can include spouses, parents, children, partners, siblings, and friends.

Hope For The Warriors feels it is essential that we devote more attention to providing support to our caregivers because of the negative impact their caregiving role could potentially have on their physical health and psychological well-being.

Caregiver Support Services offer a variety of virtual and regional opportunities for the military caregiver to engage in programs and services.

Caregiver Support Group on Facebook– a private, invitation-only support group where caregivers can build relationships and receive support and advice from one another. Hope For The Warriors hosts the group, which is moderated by a staff of caregivers who ensure that participants abide by the group’s guidelines to keep messages positive and continue to support empowerment. Individuals who are interested in joining this caregiver support group should register for Hope For The Warriors’ services.

Caregiver Online Support Group– This caregiver support group operates on a secured on-line platform and is facilitated by a caregiver who is on staff at Hope For The Warriors.® Group meetings are held weekly with morning and evening meeting options. This on-line support group is available to all participants of the Facebook Caregiver Support Group.

Military and Veteran Caregiver Wellness Workshops– These Caregiver Wellness Workshops focus on providing support to caregivers, encouraging the caregivers to care for themselves mentally and physically, and fostering relationships with other caregivers in their area. Hope For The Warriors® clinical staff provides programming in art therapy, applied theatre, yoga therapy, supportive counseling, and caregiver/peer mentorship. Currently, these Caregiver Wellness Workshops are held in Northern Virginia, Tampa/Sarasota, Long Island, and soon to come – Houston.

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