Hope For The Warriors recognizes that wrap-around support of the entire military and veteran family is critically important to the recovery and overall well-being of the entire family.

Family Wellness Events
Hope For The Warriors hosts special events with opportunities for family members to engage with each other and interact with other military and veteran family members. These events may include outdoor retreats, couple’s weekends, arts and healing events and conferences.

Military and Veteran Caregiver Support Services
Hope For The Warriors’ Caregiver Support Services are available to military and veteran caregivers of post-9/11 service members or veterans that have been physically or psychologically wounded. You are considered a caregiver, at Hope For The Warriors,  if you provide physical care and/or emotional support to an injured warrior. Caregivers can include spouses, parents, children, partners, siblings and friends.

Caregiver Support Services offer a variety of virtual and regional opportunities for the military caregiver to engage in programs and services. These services include a Facebook Caregiver Resource HUB, Military and Veteran Caregiver Wellness Workshops, Resilient Family training and Clinical Support Services.

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Military Child Initiative
The Military Child Initiative offers financial support toward opportunities that strengthen the structure and stability of the military family unit with a focus on health and wellness. When looking at the family unit, there are often additional demands outside of immediate needs that families and children pursue to improve their quality of life. Taking a holistic perspective, we identify the important needs of our military children as they are greatly impacted by the recovery, treatment and adjustment that our veterans and military families experience every day. Hope For The Warriors provides support for the military and veteran child through back-to-school backpack drives, sports scholarship opportunities, scholarships to HOBY leadership camps and summer lunch programs.


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