Taylor Donovan and her husband on their wedding day.

The will to serve and support the military community motivates Hope For The Warriors team member Taylor Donovan to show up every day for our nation’s heroes and their families. 

For over four years, Taylor has been a part of the HOPE team and currently serves as the Transition and Financial Wellness Case Manager. Aside from being committed to making a difference, Taylor thrives in this role because she knows firsthand the obstacles military families face during and after service ends.

“Being a military spouse myself, I understand the challenges that come with it, and I feel the pull to support veterans and their families navigate through the difficulties life brings,” says Taylor. “This dynamic allows me to have a unique perspective of the military and veteran lifestyles; including the needs of divorced spouses, military children, and blended military families.”

Starting as an Intake Services Coordinator with HOPE, Taylor had the opportunity to directly engage with our incoming warrior community, hear their needs, and offer solutions. This experience, combined with her background in social work, has helped Taylor build a strong foundation and expand her tool kit to meet the needs of those she serves today. 

One of the areas Taylor works with the warrior community is building resiliency, a skill she knows is the backbone of military families as they go through deployments, duty station changes, and daily uncertainty. Not only does she strive to instill this with those she works with, but she also recognizes the importance of building these skills in her own life. 

“I engage in several resiliency practices on a regular basis,” says Taylor. “This includes individual psychotherapy, meditation, yoga, time in nature, breathwork, and simple rituals such as making myself tea or cooking myself a healthy meal.”

Residing in Germantown, MD, with her husband and two children, Taylor brings the same drive she has at HOPE to pursuing her passions outside of work. She enjoys photography, art, spending time with friends, and most importantly, being a mom, as she states that her children are her daily motivation to be the best she can be.

We are proud to call Taylor a HOPE team member and are thankful for all she does for our warrior community! We hope to continue to inspire her just as she inspires all those she works with.

“The connections with my teammates have been imperative to the work I can do for my clients,” says Taylor. “I am incredibly grateful for the support system and personal friendships I have cultivated here at HOPE.” 

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