Kristy and her son Ethan on a beach vacation

Kristy (left) pictured with Bonnie Amos (center), wife of the 35th Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James F. Amos, both of whom played a large role in the establishment of HOPE.

Personal growth, a love of learning, and a desire to help others are three things that Hope For The Warriors team member Kristy Warren has always valued.

Kristy started with HOPE six years ago and currently is the organization’s Military Spouse & Caregiver Scholarship Lead, a role she not only thrives in but one she is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about. If you’ve ever interacted with Kristy, this should not surprise you, as she approaches each day, project, and obstacle with an unmatched and positive energy.

“In 2015, I joined HOPE as the Social Media Coordinator and was excited to use my communications degree, combined with being a military spouse, to work within my community,” Kristy said. “I quickly realized that beyond my role and job description, joining HOPE was the most meaningful way to give back and say thank you to those who serve.”

As a military spouse for eight years, Kristy had a front row seat to not only the sacrifice and dedication of service members, but also the sacrifice and commitment of the military family. Having to practice resilience during times of deployments and duty station changes, Kristy focused on something she knew would open countless doors for her in the future: her education.

Seeing what this education did for her path in life and how it has helped shape who she is today makes Kristy a perfect fit for HOPE’s scholarship program. She has been able to form personal connections with each spouse and caregiver and enjoys watching the recipients grow in their own careers and see the differences they make in their communities.

Aside from the scholarship program, Kristy is also an advocate for many other well-being programs and services that HOPE offers, including Resilient Family, which she has participated in, and gained valuable insight from. 

I am a person who often succumbs to automatic negative thoughts, something I’ve always struggled with,” said Kristy.From working at HOPE, learning from our clinical staff, and participating in Resilient Family training, I’ve learned how powerful it is to develop and maintain an attitude of gratitude. Building resiliency in your life is something that takes consistent daily effort, but there are so many tools like practicing self-care, meditation, and more that are effective in helping you along the way.”

Residing in Pittsburgh, PA, with her family and five-year-old son Ethan, Kristy uses the same empathy and energy she brings to HOPE to her life at home. When asked to describe herself, she stated that above anything else she is a mom, a role we at HOPE know comes with sacrifices of its own. 

Just as Kristy supports HOPE, we feel honored to support her as our team member and are excited to see all she does for the warrior community this year.

“Working at HOPE has given my life purpose,” Kristy said. “Every day, I feel blessed to support our nation’s military families and work alongside so many talented and awe-inspiring individuals. It truly feels amazing each day to feel like you are making a difference in the lives of others, and that even in your own endeavors, you have your HOPE family supporting you personally and professionally.”

For more information on the scholarship program, please click here.