Focusing on overall well-being is a staple of who we are at Hope For The Warriors. We understand the importance of mental and physical wellness and its role in the resiliency of military families. But just as we work on these areas with our warrior community, we also take the time to ensure our HOPE staff has the resources and support necessary for their own well-being. This would not be possible without Dave Martin, HOPE’s Head of People and Culture.

Dave started with HOPE in September 2020. Coming from a military family where his father and grandfather both served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps and his uncle in the Engineering Corps, he saw firsthand the obstacles that military families face both during and after serving. After interviewing with HOPE’s President/CEO Robin Kelleher and Chief Impact Officer Emma Walsh, Dave knew HOPE was the right fit for him.

“It was my conversations with Robin and Emma during the interview process that brought me to HOPE,” said Dave. “Through their openness and authenticity, I knew my voice would not just be heard but also relied upon for certain guidance. Human resources is sometimes a “check the box” hire, but I could tell that at HOPE, I would have the opportunity to be an integral part of our success.”

Throughout his time at HOPE, Dave has made staff personal growth and self-care a priority of his legacy. Dave has stepped up and embraced his role, from offering educational courses to the team to always being available as a listening ear.

“Much of our work at HOPE is in support of others in need,” said Dave. “But if we do not take good care of ourselves first, we cannot be as impactful in our mission. It seems to me a big part of personal growth is achieving a better understanding of what makes ourselves tick – our internal needs, what drains us, and what replenishes us. Both of which may change as we grow. Allowing time in our days for meaningful reflection and restoration, even if brief, can yield tenfold the impact back to others and our work.”  

Leading by example, Dave doesn’t just “talk the talk” when it comes to mindfulness and self-care; it is something he practices in his own work routine each and every day.

“For me and all those who work remotely, it’s crucial to create a workspace in your home which is as separate and distinct from your home space as possible,” said Dave. “We need to ensure separation of work and personal time in this “new normal” of always being available. This is why I work in my semi-finished basement. When I walk upstairs for lunch or at the end of the day, I leave my work behind to a large degree. This physical separation is important for mental well-being and work/life alignment.”

Currently residing in Oak Park, Illinois, Dave also takes the time to enrich his well-being outside of work. He finds healing and rejuvenation through music, whether listening to his extensive record collection or playing the guitar and writing songs. He also spends time with his family and their new puppy!

Thank you, Dave, for your commitment and dedication to our HOPE team. Your support continues to motivate us to show up and be that same rock for our military community. We are proud of the work you continue to do and are honored to have you as part of the HOPE family!

“I believe HOPE is a place where every individual is respected, and every voice has the opportunity to influence and shape what we do,” said Dave. “This collective engagement and energy, which defies a “top-down” approach, is rare in the workplace and inspires me every day to do even more.”