Events involving Hope For The Warriors generous donor community are essential to keeping our mission of serving our nation’s heroes and their families alive. They act as an opportunity to unite our partners and sponsors, all while making connections within communities nationwide. The success of these events, and the lives they touch, would not be possible without HOPE’s National Donor Events Manager Danielle Rose!

Danielle started with HOPE in April 2021 and has brought the experience and vision to coordinate successful events and strong ties to the military community. Married to an active-duty Marine, having a brother in the Navy, and many Air Force veterans in her family, Danielle knows firsthand the importance of having a network of support. The dedication and understanding shown to military families drew Danielle to HOPE.

“When my husband decided to enlist in the Marine Corps, I already had a stable career in event planning,” said Danielle. “I had our future mapped out, and enlistment was not part of that plan. I struggled to fit in this new military community for the first few years. When I was just about to give upon my future, I learned about Hope For The Warriors and the available position of a National Donor Events Manager. It seemed too good to be true! In this role, I can use my event planning experience to create opportunities to bring this community together – something that I needed and am lucky to be able to share with others.”

Throughout her time at HOPE, Danielle’s talents have been instrumental in meeting and exceeding fundraising goals for over 30 events each year. Most recently, she was the lead on our annual Ride ForThe Warriors, which to date, has raised over $400,000 for HOPE! At the end of this month, the 13th annual Hope For The Warriors Celebrity Invitational will take place, and with Danielle’s efforts, it is on track to be a huge success!

“Events like Riding for Warriors and the Hope For The Warriors Celebrity Invitational, among others, are some of our top revenue earning events,” said Danielle. “HOPE is always proud to report that 90.1% of proceeds from events like these go directly to support our programs and services. Over the years, HOPE has been able to assist countless members of our military community, thanks in large part to these events. With HOPE clients, donors, community members, staff, and more all at one event – it’s the perfect platform to share stories, make connections, and remind ourselves of the great work that HOPE is doing and the ever-growing need for support.”

Thank you, Danielle, for showing up daily for our warrior community. Your dedication to our organization and the relationships you have built with our donor community continue to propel HOPE forward. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next!

“Working at Hope For The Warriors has changed my outlook on what it means to be a military spouse,” said Danielle. “HOPE understands this hardship unlike any other employer and has given me the security to grow and build a future at this organization. Since starting at HOPE, I’ve developed connections with individuals I know will support my husband and me if we are in need. I’m lucky that I benefit from these connections and spend each day creating opportunities to share this comradery with others through HOPE’s events!”