Augie pictured with his father at the No Man Left Behind Monument aboard Camp Lejeune.

Children of active military and veteran families are brought up in unique environments where they are often faced with tests of strength and courage. This is something Hope For The Warriors Sports and Recreation Case Manager Augie Monroe knows first-hand as his father served in the Marine Corps from 1984-1987, and what motivates him to show up every day for our warrior families.  

Augie joined the HOPE family just over six years ago as a social worker in transition services. His education, combined with his skills and experience within the military community, have made him a great asset to the organization where he has helped build and manage programs with an open and flexible perspective.

This perspective came from growing up in a veteran household, where his father’s service greatly influenced who he is today. 

“While I was never a child during my father’s service, his service shaped him; therefore, his service helped shape me,” said Augie. “Consistent structure, a blazing willingness to aid others in need, and a team-oriented approach to problem-solving accompanied me throughout my upbringing.” 

According to surveys conducted by the Urban Institute and the School Superintendents Association, there are approximately 1.2 million children of active-duty service members and over 2.1 million children of veterans from the post-9/11 era. Many of these children go through deployments, several duty station changes, and see first-hand the long-term effects of service on their parents. Recognizing the resiliency these children must display, HOPE works to support them, just as they support their families.

One of the services Augie helps organize here at HOPE is the New Balance Youth Scholarship. New Balance has generously pledged $35,000 for military children to assist in their athletic journey. The programs and services that HOPE and other organizations provide children in the military community are just one of the many reasons Augie is proud to be on our team. 

“The support HOPE is able to provide to military children pursuing athletics is a refreshing form of service that I am grateful to be a part of,” said Augie.

Thank you, Augie, for the continued dedication you show to HOPE and for all the great things you do for the warrior community, especially our military children! We are honored and proud to serve military families alongside you.

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