Finding our passion in life often comes from personal experiences. Whether turning what we love into a career, using our values to forge our path, or finding it through our own obstacles, we all have our “why’s.” Ariel Mulzoff, a regional social worker at HOPE, has used her own well-being journey as a steppingstone to help others navigate and explore their path to success.  

As a military spouse, Ariel has experienced firsthand the hardships that come along with this duty. From daily uncertainties to long hours away and filling the role as a caregiver, several adjustments and transitions can affect the mental and physical wellness of the military spouse community. 

“I knew that when I married my husband – a Marine – my life was going to change dramatically,” said Ariel. “But, like any young military spouse, I seriously underestimated just how much it would change. I felt untethered, disconnected, and lost in the crowd during those first few years. Then, just as I was getting my “sea legs,” we transitioned out, and again my world flipped upside down.”

Learning through her experience and understanding that the key to being strong was remaining resilient, Ariel found her passion. Wanting to help others overcome their hurdles, Ariel decided to pursue her Master’s in Social Work (MSW), which led her to HOPE in 2018 as an MSW Intern, and now as a full-time staff member. 

“For our community, I never want any one of us to be as lost and untethered as I felt – as a young military spouse, as we transitioned to civilian life, or as we continue to navigate my husband’s health challenges,” said Ariel. “WE are my why. Here at HOPE, I have the privilege of managing our Resilient Warrior and Resilient Family programs. Day in and day out, I get to discuss what resilience looks like to you and our community – a topic that I have an unending passion for.”

Throughout life, there are going to be countless moments of adversity. Whether it be duty station changes, deployments, or day-to-day maneuvering life after service ends, there will be mountains to climb. Pushing forward, not letting those moments define you, and learning to show yourself a little TLC can make a world of difference. 

“As a Social Worker, my health and well-being – my resilience – MUST be a priority for me so I can continue supporting our community,” said Ariel. “That is why in my downtime you can find me either at the CrossFit gym lifting heavy things, curled up with a good book, or exploring my new home in the Arizona desert.” 

Thank you, Ariel, for consistently showing up for our warrior community! Your story inspires us on team HOPE to tackle our challenges head-on and take small steps to work on our well-being each day. We are excited to see all the amazing things you accomplish and the difference you will continue to make!


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Resilient Warrior is a course offered to post-9/11 service members and veterans, and Resilient Family is offered to spouses and caregivers of these individuals. These programs meet once a week for six weeks and are dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary to manage the day-to-day stressors the military community often experiences. Click here to learn more and find our when our next cohort begins!