Today’s blog posting is from a veteran who turned to Hope For The Warriors® and our A Warrior’s Wish® Program. His Wish was for new photography equipment and to return to a hobby he loved. He shares his thoughts with all of you but more importantly, he shares his art.

is an important part of my recovery from PTSD. When I was 10 years old I got my
first camera, a film camera. When I took the 35 pictures to fill the roll of
film, I was excited and could not wait for them to be developed to see what I
had captured. Thanks to Hope For The Warriors® I am able to continue my love of
photography and I have recently returned back to college to finish my Bachelors
degree in photojournalism. Whether it is a family photo of a mother, father,
and son, or two sisters. A life time moment like a wedding or another special
moment, photography captures these moments of time and they can pass from
decade to decade. Photographs can say a thousands words but they can also
freeze time.”