June 5, 2017 @ 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Pinnacle Golf and Boat Club
200 Club Drive Mabank
Gayle Robinson


The Golf Classic will be held at the Pinnacle Golf and Boat Club, Mabank, Texas. Participants may form 4-person Teams or they may play individually on this challenging course.

This year the Foundation honors Veterans who served in, or during, the longest war in United States history, Vietnam. Our Country’s goal was to stop the spread of communism, not by winning the war, but by bolstering the South Vietnamese government until they could take over. Our soldiers, their average age of twenty-one, spent about two-hundred and forty combat days per year in a harsh environment and with conflicting rules of engagement, with one in every ten killed in action. If we were to look into the time capsule of the turbulent 1960’s, we would begin the decade with a “New Frontier” outlined by our first Catholic President; promising to eliminate injustice and inequality. His assasination plunged the County into conflict. The Vietnam War divided our Nation, while on the battleground our troops fought in jungles against an often-unrecognizable enemy. The 60’s era legacy might read as a contradiction; empowerment and polarization, resentment and liberation – this “gray twilight” prejudicially greeting our troops upon their return from battle.
We are spotlighting three Veterans for their service but we would be remiss by not recognizing all those among us who answered our Country’s call to duty during the Vietnam era.

Participantion is open to the public and will include former military members and currently serving military members, honored guests. There will be a shot gun start, special entertainment and a lunch provided. Your support of this Classic will allow the CCVF to financially support our military veterans in their rehabilitation and recovery. For more information, please contact Gayle Robinson (903-451-5054 or genegayle111@yahoo.com) or Elaine Bownes (903-451-3820 or jrbownes@gmail.com)