Take a deep breath in… Now exhale…

These last 150 or so rotations of Earth have been nothing short of a long, strange trip. But your world doesn’t have to spin out of control. We’re here to help you stay grounded with the 30×30 Mindfulness Challenge.

This challenge focuses on the mind-body aspect of wellness including yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, journaling, and other aspects of mental well-being. We’ll present daily exercises in a format that helps you to build healthy habits and create a sustainable practice. The content will progress over the course of the event, beginning with 5-minute daily sessions and working toward 30 minutes of mindfulness at the culmination of the 30-day challenge.

Our journey will take us to September 11, a day that warrants all Americans to stop and mindfully remember how the lives of our neighbors and our country were forever changed. Every day, HOPE serves those who answered the call to defend our country after that fateful day.

The Mindfulness Challenge will run from August 10 to September 8, 2020. However, we will carry out culminating events through September 11 to put what you have learned into practice.