Hope For The
Warriors® is proud to grant Lance Cpl. Hector Sanchez, USMC (Ret.), and his
family of four, a trip to his native Puerto Rico this summer. Sanchez was born
in Puerto Rico but adopted as an infant and raised in the United States.
Granted as part of the A Warrior’s Wish® Program, the Sanchez family hopes that
this trip will be an integral part of his therapeutic recovery by connecting
him with his culture and history.
Now we ask
for your help granting this Wish to the Sanchez Family. It is approximately a
1,500 mile plane ride from the Carolinas to Puerto Rico.  We hope to raise $5 for every mile. Your
donation will send Hector and his young family home again.

Hector served
eight years in the Marine Corps, including a total of 19 months deployed to
Iraq. During his two deployments, he endured the impact of five IEDs and
witnessed severe combat conditions. When he returned home, it was clear to his
wife Aida that he was suffering from PTSD. Aida saw significant psychological
recovery in Hector after various types of counseling, but felt another
fulfilling step was needed. Aida then turned to Hope For The Warriors® and
applied to the A Warrior’s Wish® Program on Hector’s behalf.
These important
steps have allowed Hector to give back to his community and reconnect with his
family. His daughter and son were very young during his deployments and are now
able to get to know him. Hector also volunteers with the Department of Juvenile
Justice, Big Brother, Big Sister, and the Food Bank.
Hector is an
avid photographer and uses this art form to understand and appreciate his
identity and passions. Returning to his origin of his birth will serve as a
“cultural expedition” and give him the unique opportunity to document
his time in Puerto Rico both personally and through the camera lens.
You can help grant this Wish. Again, we need to raise $5 for every mile of the 1,500 to send the Sanchez
family home. Donate to support 1 mile or 100 miles–every donation counts!
Hope For The
Warriors® has granted this Wish to restore self, family, and hope to Hector,
Aida, and their children.  The Wish includes
plane fare, hotel stay, and basic necessities during the week-long visit.  This is not a lavish vacation.  But it is one that will strengthen the bonds
within the family that were strained during deployments and Hector’s
recovery.  We are proud to grant this
Wish and hope that there are others that want to help.
You can learn
even more about Hector, Aida, and their two children through a blog story posted in April, Month of the Military Child.

To support
the Sanchez Family’s Wish, please donate a mile today!