As part of yesterday’s National Dog Day, we posted a blog from 2012 highlighting what one service dog was doing in the life of a service member. We then received an email from that service member’s family, updating Hope For The Warriors on where they are two years later:

Life has been a little crazy since my husband was Medically Retired from the Army in December 2012. Took a while to get used to the civilian life again. It was hard but now we are enjoying the retirement life.

First I want to say thank you for all the help your organization has given to our family. Don’t know what we would have done when we were at our lowest.

My husband and Oso are doing amazing. Their bond is so strong and unbreakable. Oso is so big now. He’s over 90lbs and is the biggest lap dog the husband has ever had. Oso loves making everyone happy.

Living with a loved one that suffers with invisible wounds is difficult. I try my best to make life better for our family but sometimes life, people, and other triggers make it difficult. We have more bad days than good. I hate what war has done to my husband and to our family. This is the new normal and there are days that it sucks but I won’t run away from it all because I love my husband too much. Oso helps me on those bad days. He does what I can’t do. His loving energy makes Richard feel better.

We are now living and loving the retirement life. We have 16 acres of land in Arizona. The husband has a little ranch to keep him busy. He has 31 chickens, 15 turkeys, 4 LaMancha goats and 2 horses. All these critters keep us busy even if he’s having a bad day.

I am so grateful for all the help that I am getting ready to pay it forward and help. So many spouses are suffering in silence and don’t know what to do. I understand them and want to help them and make our country aware of this. PTSD not only affects our service members but also their families. So many are suffering and taking their lives. So many spouses become widows and are left with unanswered questions. I want to help them. I am now planning something exciting to pay it forward. More details to come soon!

Lots has happened in our lives and happy to share it with you all because you all are part of the Hall Family.

Thank you,
Richard & Noemy Hall