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At Hope For The Warriors, your safety is our top priority, especially with the ongoing impact of COVID-19. We encourage event participants to follow the CDC’s safety guidelines, as well as state and local guidelines concerning COVID. Let’s stay safe and protect others as we gather to support HOPE!

That’s why Hope For The Warriors means so much to me and my husband. It not only made it possible for me to study art, it gave me a safe place to share my experience with others going through something similar. It even helped me understand what my husband and I need to care for ourselves and each other.

—Military Caregiver Sarah Dale

Hope For The Warriors Invitational @ River Landing
Aug 27 – Aug 29 all-day

The Hope For The Warriors Invitational is an annual fundraising event. It brings together supporters, Flag Officers, celebrities, and Service Members for the 3 day event. Saturday evening will include Warrior Night, the traditional mess night, and the Block Party at The Mad Boar. Sunday will include the BOD Meeting, Par 3 and Summer Soiree featuring the Hope & Courage Awards. Monday will include the Invitational Golf Tournament and Karaoke.