Louis-RogersLouis Rogers is the Intake Coordinator at the Cohen Clinic, where he does intake and behavioral assessments that are vital in providing a client-centered intervention.

Louis previously served in the United States Army 82nd airborne division as an infantryman. He was stationed at Fort Bragg and deployed to Kandahar Afghanistan in 2005 to assist with their first parliamentary elections.

After leaving military service, he worked a bunch of “odd jobs” until 2013 when he became a fugitive recovery agent in California, which is where he is from. After working as a recovery agent for 9+ years, he was called to move back to North Carolina where he worked as a NC licensed private investigator & Human Trafficking Interdiction Agent. Eventually, he realized that one of the greatest impacts that he could make was in clinical care so he became a clinical therapist.

The mission of the Cohen Clinic resonates with Louis because he has never seen an organization so focused on keeping the clients covered, while at the same time adequately addressing the needs of its staff.

In his spare time, Louis loves being with his family. They enjoy wood and epoxy projects, shotting at the range, and spending time on their boat, and are actively involved in their church.