Lakenya-ConnerLaKenya N. Conner, MSW, LCSW, LCAS-A, is an outpatient therapist that provides evidence-based care, treatment and assessment to military active duty and veteran populations and families. With a professional focus on trauma-related substance use disorders and PTSD, LaKenya draws on a wealth of experience gained at the Durham VA Healthcare system and in private practice.

LaKenya’s parents, grandfather, uncles and aunts have proudly served in the United States Military. They have overcome so many life obstacles and sacrificed not only their physical health but mental as well, so working within trauma and PTSD is very personal for me. I believe it is the things that are personal to us that we really strive and work hard for/in. My desire is to also serve my country like my parents did within the U.S Armed Forces and provide care to all the servicemen, women and families who dedicate their lives and sacrifice their time with their families for us. My 10 year goal is to continue developing relationships within my community and the communities I serve and locate specific needs within them. With this information I desire to spearhead, plan and establish community based programs that support, advocate and educate adults and youth through mental health skills development. To even develop a charter school for youth with an interest in mental health and the humanities. The Cohen Clinics mission and vision to improve the quality of life for veterans and strengthen their mental health outcomes is what resonates with me and my own goals