It is amazing that in the last few weeks of this blog, I have not yet written about Charity Navigator.  Charity Navigator is a nonprofit organization that evaluates charities in the areas of fiscal responsibility and accountability.  Under their mission statement, they write:

Charity Navigator works to guide intelligent giving. We help charitable givers make intelligent giving decisions by providing information on over five thousand charities and by evaluating the financial health of each of these charities. We ensure our evaluations are widely used by making them easy to understand and available to the public free of charge. By guiding intelligent giving, we aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace, in which givers and the charities they support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s most persistent challenges.”

When Hope For The Warriors® earned a Four-Star Rating on the site, we were ecstatic.  Their rating proved what we already knew–that donated dollars go to the miltary families that we support, not to expensive salaries and marketing plans.

The site also invites people to review nonprofits and today I went to the site to see if any new reviews had been added.  As I write this blog, we have 53 reviews.  They have been written by board members, volunteers, sponsors and professionals.  But the reviews that mean the most to me are those written by service members and family members that we have supported.  The words on the screen stand as proof that the work we do at Hope For The Warriors® makes a difference to military families everywhere.  When I have a difficult day, I will go to that site, and read these reviews.

Here are just some of the reviews:

I am a combat wounded Marine, and I have had my life turned upside down. I had everything that I knew and planned for taken from me. The devastating effect that has on your morale is epic. Hope For The Warriors® gave me a reprieve from the daily struggle that is living with a combat injury, and more than that, they showed me how much people care about us. The country will forever be scarred by how the Vietnam Veterans were received, but it says something that we learned from that mistake. It also reinforces to us combat wounded that we are not forgotten. Which means more than most will ever understand. I contacted a few of the people that helped me over a year later and they still remembered me. That sort of personal connection is hardly even heard of in other ‘industries’ and I feel it really says something about the level that Hope For The Warriors® actually cares about the vets they serve.”  

“I was lucky enough to be able to attend fleet week with the Hope For The Warriors® and was extremely pleased. This was my first trip that I had taken with any organization since my injury and I am glad that I was able to work with the Hope For The Warriors® staff. Throughout the stay they far exceed my expectations and were very well organized. Every single aspect of this trip was thought out in extreme detail to ensure that every person was able to enjoy their time no matter what we were doing. I would highly recommend this organization to people that are wanting to donate as well as to people that have been injured and are wanting to go on a very fun trip. It helps all of us injured service members get reintegrated back into society after our long medical needs. “

“I can’t even focus on a starting point to express my grattitude to Hope For The Warriors®. This organization has that sparkle and magic that instantly creates that family bond with servicemembers who often have an empty hole or void from within. They have not only taken care of me, my entire family has been pulled up under their wing of hope. Any event that I was priviledged enoough to be a part of Hope For The Warriors® far exceeded any expectations. They give you that special moment that the average family would not be able to afford or do the logistical leg work to make it happen.                       

Read the entire profile here.