In every community, there exist individuals dedicated to making meaningful contributions. Their quiet efforts often go unnoticed, yet they weave threads of hope and kindness into the fabric of society. Among them is Robin Powers, a shining example of selfless dedication and compassion.
Robin’s journey with HOPE began just 4-5 months ago thanks to a simple search on the internet. She was looking for a nonprofit that her Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) chapter could get involved with, and HOPE checked all the boxes. “I wanted a nonprofit that focused on helping the military and their families,” she said.

Her introduction to HOPE marked the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Whether it’s in-person or virtually, Robin and her DAR chapter members like to be involved wherever they’re needed. When the HOPE staff needed help moving offices, Robin helped pack boxes in Springfield. When they asked for holiday card help, she jumped at the opportunity to make them for service members. Celebration bags for scholarship recipients? Robin was up for the task.

Robin Powers: HOPE’s February Volunteer of the Month

One of the highlights for Robin was the Christmas card initiative. Collaborating closely with Angie Parker, she spearheaded the writing and distribution of holiday cards to service members overseas. For Robin and her fellow volunteers, these gestures of appreciation resonate deeply, embodying the gratitude they hold for the men and women who serve our country. “DAR members are extremely patriotic and thankful for our military and their families,” she said. “We are always looking for ways to show our appreciation and gratitude for their service to our country!”

Similarly, Robin orchestrated the creation of Celebration Bags with her DAR Chapter, aimed at congratulating HOPE’s most recent Military Spouse and Caregiver Scholarship class. These bags, filled with essentials and a Starbucks gift card, serve as tokens of encouragement and support for those pursuing their educational goals. “We were honored to be able to recognize family members who support those service members who do and have put themselves in harm’s way to preserve our freedoms in America,” she proclaims.

Celebration Bags filled with essentials and a Starbucks gift card, serve as tokens of encouragement and support for those pursuing their educational goals.

Being nominated as the Volunteer of the Month for February holds a special significance for Robin. It is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the impact of her contributions. For Robin, volunteering isn’t just a task—it’s a privilege and an honor to serve those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

Angie Parker, HOPE’s Volunteer Manager, speaks volumes about her character and commitment. “Robin has a very giving heart and is eager to help in any way that she can, which makes her a great volunteer,” Angie said. Together, they are exploring new avenues for collaboration and support, driven by their shared vision of making a difference.

Angie also spoke about Robin’s involvement as the Director of Partnerships for Operation Deploy Your Dress (ODYD), where she plays a pivotal role in providing formal attire to military members and their families, alleviating the financial burden associated with military events. “We are still exploring ways to partner with ODYD, and I’m sure we will help each other,” Angie said.

As we celebrate Robin Powers, we are reminded of the power of individuals coming together to create positive change. Her story inspires us to look beyond ourselves, to extend a hand of support, and to embody the spirit of service in all that we do. Congratulations, Robin, on being named the Volunteer of the Month. Your kindness and generosity light the path for us all.

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Robin’s story is a powerful reminder of the value of connections. Her involvement with Hope For The Warriors showcases the importance of volunteers in supporting our military community. If her journey inspires you and you want to contribute your talents, skills, and desire to serve our nation’s heroes, consider connecting with Hope For The Warriors by emailing, or click here for more information!