At the heart of every nonprofit organization lies a tapestry of dedicated individuals, each weaving their unique talents and passion into the fabric of its mission. This April, Hope For The Warriors shines a spotlight on one such remarkable individual: Pat Young, the Volunteer of the Month.

Pat’s journey with Hope For The Warriors began nearly two decades ago. As the mother of Robin Kelleher, CEO and Co-Founder of Hope For The Warriors, Pat’s support and commitment to the organization has spanned over 18 years. Most recently, she was busy with the new HOPE office in Springfield, Virginia. “I got some furniture for the lobby and a couple of the offices,” she explained. “Helped them get things decorated and painted. It was a fun project, and I enjoyed doing it.” Pat’s love for painting shone through as she described how she suggested painting one of the walls in the conference room a dark blue, a decision that sparked excitement among the staff, leading to accent walls in every office. Reflecting on the completed office space, Pat expressed her satisfaction, noting its welcoming and cheerful atmosphere. “I think people will feel very welcomed there,” she remarked.

Pat and her daughter, HOPE CEO/Co-Founder Robin Kelleher
Pat and her daughter, HOPE CEO/Co-Founder Robin Kelleher

One of the most special aspects of Pat’s volunteer experience is the opportunity to work alongside her daughter, Robin. “That’s the most special part because she’s a very busy person,” Pat shared. “I don’t see her all that often, so opportunities like being in the office helping and doing things are great. I enjoy being a part of that.”

Robin, in turn, emphasized the significance of her mother’s contributions. “Pat repurposed old furniture by painting bookshelves and tables,” Robin explained. “Her time saved us money and allowed us to focus on the daily work.” Robin commended her mother’s role in creating a space that reflects the history of Hope For The Warriors and fosters productivity and morale among the staff.

Regarding the aesthetic of the new office space, Robin praised her mother’s bold ideas and the warm, inviting atmosphere they created. “The walls are noted each time a guest comes in to visit,” she shared. “The office is almost homey, and everyone has decorated with their own things, but the feel is very consistent throughout.”

An office with a decorative cabinet.

Pat picked out the blue paint for the accent wall, which is used throughout the office.

For Pat, being recognized as Volunteer of the Month was unexpected but deeply appreciated. “I don’t like attention. That wasn’t why I did it,” she admitted modestly. “It’s very nice of you all.”

As Hope For The Warriors continues to grow and positively impact the lives of veterans and their families, volunteers like Pat exemplify the organization’s spirit of compassion and dedication. Fueled by love and a shared commitment to the mission, their selfless efforts serve as a beacon of hope for all they touch.

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Pat’s story is a powerful reminder of utilizing your passions to help others. Her involvement with Hope For The Warriors showcases the importance of volunteers in supporting our military community. If her journey inspires you and you want to contribute your talents, skills, and desire to serve our nation’s heroes, consider connecting with Hope For The Warriors by emailing, or click here for more information!