2019 was an exciting year of growth for Hope For The Warriors Transition Services as we launched our newest program Warrior’s Compass 

With nearly 200,000 service members transitioning from military life back into civilian communities across the United States, growing a program that encompasses mentorship, résumé support and employment was of the utmost importance.  

Warrior’s Compass is also helping to counter the veteran unemployment rate of 3.2%, the alarming military spouse unemployment rate of 24% and military caregiver unemployment rate of nearly 30%.  

Warrior’s Compass is a powerful online platform connecting veteran-friendly companies with qualified veterans and military spouses to help their job search. With a growing catalog of free training modules (over 300 so far), a mentor portal, résumé builder, the most up to date MOS translator available and more, Warrior’s Compass has valuable tools for both veterans/military spouses and the hiring managers/recruiters seeking to hire them.  

Warrior’s Compass Features:  

  • Military skills translation 
  • Transition dashboard  
  • Free résumé generator 
  • Mentorship 
  • Job Board with 300K new opportunities posted daily 
  • 300+ professional development and skills training courses 

MeeArresha Giddens
Gibbons 6Arresha Giddens is a wife and caregiver to her husband who was injured in Iraqmother of 4, college student, and now a Health Administrator Agent at Sykes  AND she was the first person to find a job using Warrior’s Compass.  

Originally seeking out HOPE for financial support when her family fell on hard timesArresha was then connected to Warrior’s Compass, Spouse and Caregiver Scholarships and Caregiver Support Services. 

Similar to the experiences of many military spouses and caregivers, underemployment, daycare costs and lack of flexibility hindered Arresha from finding stable employment. After she returned to school to become a teacher, finances barred her from finishing her degree and prompted her to return to the workforce to provide for her family.  

Seeking employment can be challenging and applying endlessly on job boards with little support or feedback is frustrating, but Arresha found better support with Warrior’s Compass. She shared this about our unique program that offers mentorship and support from HOPE staff, I think the Warrior’s Compass job board is a great resource for finding work. It was very easy to navigate through. It offers so many different jobs on the site. I was blessed to be able to find a work from home job that serviced my area.  

This December she started her new journey with Sykes. Her remote position gives her the flexibility to work between caring for her husband and family. Today, she hopes that sharing her story provides inspiration to her fellow caregivers facing the same challenges and shares this advice, Things don’t always go as you plan. Seek help if you need it. There is always someone out there that can point you in the right direction if you need help. Stay positive when times get hard and don’t give up. Do not hold your emotions in if youre feeling lost or depressed. Reach out to talk to someone. There is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.”  

To learn more about Warrior’s Compass and to talk with HOPE staff about hurdles you are facing during your transition, apply for services at www.hopeforthewarriors.org