Hope For The
Warriors® staff in the Northern Virginia area had the great pleasure of
delivering beautiful baskets of gifts to military caregivers in the area.  The baskets were donated by Boeing Employee
Veterans Association (BEVA).  The group
was excited to give some attention and care to those who care for our service
members.  Thank you to Boeing employees
for their efforts to recognize our wonderful caregivers.
The Rand
Corporation estimates that between 250,000 and maybe as many as 1 million
people have acted as caregivers to post 9/11 service members and veterans.  The Rand Corporation is a nonprofit
institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and
The Potomac
Region President of BEVA, Alex Cole, shared their experiences:

From first-hand experience to personal
relationships with those who have served, the Boeing Employee Veterans
Association (BEVA) members showcase Boeing’s broad range of experience and
diversity in its workforce.  Just in its
inaugural year, BEVA has made great strides in developing relationships with
other organizations supporting the military community. Hope for the Warriors®
is one of those teammates and we are proud to partner with them in this

One of BEVA’s key pillars is giving
back to the military and veteran community. 
What better way to support this community than to say “thank
you” to those who work behind the scenes supporting our nation’s
heroes.  We canvassed the team and in
just three short days were able to achieve over $1,300 in donations which we
used to create these beautiful baskets of goodies for the caregivers.  It is just our way of saying thank you to
those unsung heroes behind the scenes helping those who gave so much.

Thank you to
all of the members of BEVA for their dedication to remembering not just the
veteran but also the caregivers.