Hope For The Warriors recognizes the roughly 1.1 million post-9/11 military caregivers around the nation as their support of our service members and veterans continues to go above and beyond the call of duty every day. These individuals play a crucial role in the military community and often balance work, school, or raising a family while caring for their loved ones. 

In a survey conducted by the RAND Corporation, about 64% of military caregivers serving the post-9/11 community provide care to individuals who struggle with an emotional or behavioral health condition. This is nearly double the percentage of pre-9/11 caregivers. Just as it is important to focus on the mental well-being of the service member, it is also crucial that military caregivers focus on their own well-being and engage in resiliency practices. One of our HOPE family military caregivers has learned this throughout her journey.

When Jeanette’s son left the Air Force, he began his battle with mental and physical health-related issues from his time in the service. Recognizing that her son was struggling, Jeanette stepped into her new role as a military caregiver to support him and ensure he was on a path toward recovery. 

“Being the caregiver for my disabled veteran son means that I do my best to provide whatever he needs, as he suffers from multiple mental and physical injuries which require constant supervision,” said Jeanette. “[I am there for him] whether it is being a listening ear or spending time together while driving him to and from appointments. I also work closely with the VA to meet all his needs, both mentally and physically.”

Recognizing that this new role came with obstacles, Jeanette knew she needed to find support, just as she supports her son. This is what led her to HOPE.

“HOPE has provided support programs for myself and my son,” said Jeanette. “They also connected us to community resources, which have been a great help to our family. HOPE has been there for us when others have not.”

 HOPE offers many programs and services tailored to meet the needs of our caregiver community. With many of our own staff members taking on this role, we understand what it takes to fill these shoes and what resources are needed to improve holistic well-being. From education benefits to career guidance to resiliency training, HOPE is there to empower strength and determination. 

“Remaining resilient is the key to well-being,” said Jeanette. “As a caregiver, I’ve developed emotional skills for coping with stress. I incorporate light meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises throughout the day. Even just five minutes a day makes a big difference.”

Through the good days and challenging days, always remember there is HOPE. Whether you need a listening ear, guidance along your journey, or services in a time of need, we offer a network of support and will be there backing you all along the way, just as we have been there for Jeanette.

“My advice to other caregivers is to keep striving to do their best,” said Jeanette. “Each day has its own events. One day may be difficult, and the next day may be bright. Don’t give up. You are seen and understood more than you can possibly think.”


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