Miltary Careviver

1. You know your care recipient’s entire medical history better than she/he does.

2. When your life motto is “we will cross that bridge when we get there and not a moment sooner.”

3. You haven’t sat through an entire sporting event, concert, or movie in years because you always have to leave before the crowd lets out

4. You are always thinking plotting LOGISTICS

5. You are your spouse’s walking calendar/memory book

6. You have a command center in your house

7. You have been asked if your husband was hit by an IUD (Yes… it does happen…)

8. Your purse turned into a portable drug store

9. You live by sticky notes to fit your ever changing daily new normal

10. You remember his SS# but have to think about yours

11. You don’t remember your own appointments but can remember every single one of his.

12. You always forget to take time for you

13. You locate exit strategies for every indoor event

14. You make dinner, serve dinner to everyone and while cleaning later you realize you didn’t even eat

15. You have a heart that is bigger, more open, and stronger than anything on the planet…no matter how many times it gets broken or given back to you in pieces.