During February, it’s our honor to highlight Michael Gadaleta as our Volunteer of the Month!

Over the last three years, Michael has supported Hope For The Warriors while serving as the brains behind the logistics for Team EVA (Every Veteran Appreciated). TEAM E.V.A., founded by Eva Casale, Michael’s girlfriend, is a community-wide week long veteran and Gold Star family appreciation event where Eva takes on the challenge of running 7 marathons in 7 days throughout Long Island, NYC, and is joined by fellow runners who together raise funds and bring awareness to the sacrifices made by our nation’s warriors.

44442123_10214974510349119_497589050916470784_oBeyond the TEAM E.V.A. events, Michael goes out of his way to support various other Hope For The Warriors events in the community, like the recent adaptive climbing event for warrior athletes, where he volunteered as the photographer for the event.

Understanding firsthand the sacrifices made by military families with a son serving in the Armed Forces, Michael always goes the extra mile to share HOPE and support various veteran appreciation events in the spirited and patriotic Long Island community. Hope For The Warriors Senior Director of Sports and Recreation shares, “He is an outstanding and exceptional human being. Michael has always gone above and beyond and poured all of himself into the way he supports our organization and all those affiliated with service. We are fortunate to have him as a member of our organization.”