Land of the Free Because of the Brave


A few tips from our Clinical Health & Wellness team for the 4th of July!

1. Know your limits. If you are uncomfortable in large crowds opt for a smaller event that will be less crowded.

2. Start your own traditions- don’t feel forced to take part in the prearranged celebrations. Use it as an opportunity to create new traditions for yourself and your family, such as glow in the dark water balloon fights.

3. Communicate with your significant other/friend/family about the events. Make a prearranged plan for how long you want to stay with a designated time to leave. Make a time to “check in” if it’s a large function and you may be separated. This gives time to regroup and decide if it’s time to leave or stay longer.

4. If going to a large fireworks show consider bringing earplugs to muffle the noise.

5. Stay hydrated! Hot weather and headaches can add to the stress and make you more irritable.