You can help support our veterans and military families by shopping at your local QuickChek, during our annual QuickChek Dog Tag Campaign, now until July 15th.

The History of the Dog Tag Campaign:

Four years ago, QuickChek polled their corporate executives and employees on who they would like to see as a charity partner. They embarked on an extensive search to answer the following questions; “Will the money support people local to our community?” and “Will our money be spent responsibly?”.

After researching different nonprofit organizations to partner with, QuickChek Community Involvement Coordinator, Heather Stillman, met with Hope For The Warriors® Chief of Staff, Emma Walsh, and later admitted “From Day one, the response was so quick and supportive that we were drawn to help [HOPE]. It was easy to build a relationship with Hope For The Warriors.  We are partners. [They] are involved and supportive of our company just as we are supportive of [them]. It’s refreshing and nice.”

Stillman further expresses, “Supporting Hope For The Warriors, a veteran organization, it’s easy for our employees to make the connection and for our customers to make the connection that they are helping their neighbors. Personally, my main motive is to support the people in the armed forces because they volunteer to fight for my freedom and to honor my cousins and grandfather who have served in the Navy.”

What started as the Annual Dog Tag Campaign in all QuickChek stores has quickly grown into charity golf outings, with veteran participants, and a virtual leadership event, highlighting careers within QuickChek, all to support veterans and military family members.

The 2017 Dog Tag Campaign, and QuickChek’s initiative to Restore HOPE raised over $155,000 in support of our programs and services that directly impact the lives of veterans and military families.

Hope For The Warriors is not only honored to have the support of QuickChek, but also the support of their loyal customers. Thank you to QuickChek for being a beam of HOPE in our community and for supporting veteran and military families.

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