To end Caregiver Month, we would like to recognize Colleen Saffron as the November Volunteer of the Month! 
Colleen has been a member of our HOPE family for the past 3 years and plays a huge role in our Caregiver Support Services. As an active member and discussion leader in our online caregiver support group, she is always extremely supportive, encouraging and quick to share resources to her fellow caregivers. Colleen has also shared her own words of wisdom and stories of her trials and tribulations to inspire others as a blog contributor. 
Colleen is a face of HOPE in the Texas community. She tirelessly advocates for her husband, US Army veteran who was severely wounded in combat, and for all veterans and their caregivers. Her resilience and drive to bring awareness to veteran and military family issues is admirable. 
We would like to recognize Colleen for all that she does to support military families out of the goodness of her heart, never asking for recognition or anything in return.  We are so blessed to have you apart of our HOPE family. Congratulations on being nominated our November Volunteer of the Month!